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www.Animopark.com  (Animator’s park) every multimedia artist have the pass to Enter in this Animation Park,here anyone can work as a freelance or join an official job. This is the world’s largest outsourcing and crowd as well as production house.

Here are hire all the animators with all specialization either he/she is fresher or experienced.We also sourcing marketplace for small business. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from the world who already working with our organization.

We connect employers and Animators globally from over all countries & regions. Through our website, employers can hire Animators to do work in areas such as software, Gaming, 2D & 3D animation, web services, VFX etc. we always welcomes to apply any candidates directly to our company either they are experienced or fresher’s, supposed if they are fresher, so we also provide them training and utilized their skill and creativity to complete the project in our production, this system also called as Internship in this way we offer a chance to enter everyone in animation industry with good salary package.  Note the important point; this is a paid internship. Means the candidates can earn salary if they are on internship periods.

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 Would you like to find Animation jobs and make money online?

Just sign up to get started! We have created a safe environment for both Animators and employers via our secure milestone payment system.

We have thousands of Animator & production studios who already working with our organization as a service provider. Also we are providing our company premises to any animation, software or gaming artist candidate for work with lots of senior’s guidance.

Our motive is that everyone has the creativity but they required only the perfect platform and chance to prove them, now here the platform is waiting for everyone.

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What’s Animopark.com all about?

         The world of outsourcing is now available for small businesses!  Tap into the global labor pool of skilled workers on demand.                                                    Tap into thousands of experts with a large range of skills and abilities from multimedia field.

Here we are accepting all kind of multimedia project from employer and distribute it to our  users/freelancers/service provider or our own house animators. Most important thing is that you don’t have to bid on any  project, just confirm us which project is suitable for you so we can fix the project. We are not sharing the same project to  another candidate or any production house. Also we are providing all types of service for the same project, supposed if  you are not able to work on that quality so that time you can get our team experts help to complete the same project within deadline. We are getting 5.0% commission for every project. All the service terms and condition are mentioned in 100Rs stamp paper’s agreement for better service…

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 Our Aim…

As per the market condition there are lots of animators or multimedia artist are jobless or  they don’t have any earning source, Now the animopark.com  decide to bit this situation and offering perfect job or freelance project.

 This is our promise since 2008 we didn’t reject any multimedia artist who applied to our company for any kind of multimedia job.  So anyone can apply to animopark.com and get job ready. If you don’t have enough knowledge then still no issue we will increase your knowledge by providing you our training for stability. Now a day’s Indian multimedia market need some stability or fix job for at least 10 years & everyone required the assurance for the same. Animopark.com glad to inform you that; we lunching 10 years assurance program in which we are offering 10 years job agreement for everyone who want stability in their life.  But if some time anyone want to leave the job so there is also a provision for to leave the job immediately.

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 How much Looking for Workers?

Thousands of skilled workers are ready to start right now! Gain a competitive advantage over your competition by being able to tap into a skilled global workforce on demand. Many small businesses simply can’t afford

The cost of hiring full time staff, yet have a range of things they need done day to day which requires special skills. Now the power of outsourcing is available for small to medium businesses! In many cases employers find they can get the work done faster, and at a fraction of the cost by outsourcing! Whether it’s a animation, gaming, website development or any multimedia part a product that needs to be designed or manufactured, or research that needs to be done, this is Tap into a global network of businesses and projects! Work on what you want, when you want and where you want to! The lifestyle of an Animator is taking off and gives unparalleled job flexibility.

By working as a www.Animopark.com animator, you can greatly increase your client base and job

Have the surety of being paid on-time with our trusted milestone system for payments. Also we are offering the agreement for every project for your payment safety purpose only.

For the first time you can even work at home and tap into a global pool of employers across From all over world

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